Friday, December 22, 2006

Long day...

Yesterday I needed to get in a workout and make up a workout that this guy wanted me to do. Yes that is 2 workouts. One in the morn, one in the eve. Well, I documented for you, and if you think it is dumb, then you are dumber for reading it. HA!

The bike with sweat towel.

Nina says, "Dad, let's play frisbee instead."

Action shot done in real time. Note the manly pink ear phones.

Becky says, "Hah, school is cancelled, you sucka."

Action shot of the rear wheel. Exciting eh?

Becky left me. She went to the Club to get in a 16 mile run. She is almost ready to go here.
That concludes ride #1. 2 hours with some power work.
Nina says, "Daaaad, not again!"

The lame "look at me riding" shot.
Looks a lot different outside now. Hmmmmm.

Nina's point of view (I am scrathing her head, duh).

Nina, in her "I'm bored" pose. Yes, she does sit like that.

After another 1 hour and 45 minutes on the trainer I was ready for some lasagna thanks to my baby's momma.
That's it. By the way, I hit up the gym weights wed night, and I just got off the trainer this morning for another ride. What did you do?
We are headed to the in-laws tonight in WI.
Now get to work... please!


Brendan said...

Can you say burn out? Watch out! That is an aweful lot of trainer time for the prep phase...unless you are peaking for January=)

Charly Tri said...

Prep phase is over, Ben's brother. Next week is mucho calmer. I spent a lot of time on the trainer last winter and I make the "ride" go faster through visualization. You should see all of the races I won next year already (in my head.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am worried about the sitting pose of Nina on the bed. This type of pose is most noted when the animal's anal glands are plugged and they are not able to release them via nature's course.
The animal is forced to express them to relieve the pressure that builds up. They do this by sitting and dragging there rear-end on the ground. This is usually found to be unpleasant to the owner since it leaves a distinct smell and skid-mark across the surface of contact. I urge you to monitor this behavior and if it persists, seek a veterniarian attention sooner rather than later.

Charly Tri said...

Thanks for the concern, but she has been doing this for years. The only smelly streaks left behind from sitting are usually from me.