Friday, December 29, 2006

Sleestacks yo.

Sweet mugs on these guys. It is like they are in some LAND the has been forgotten and LOST. Kinda looks like the pics I would see of the Moore brothers and Fisher at the start of the Expert races (from left to right, Chris, Brendan, and Ben). All decked out the same in Velo gear and "team" helmets. Next year they'll all be on Trek Top Fuels.

Hitting the trainer this morning then it is back to work for more inventory counting. Yeah, inventory!!

Oh, I just got a SWEEEEET new road bike yesterday. I have to build it, waiting for the proper bars and then all the "roadies" will be on notice. No more racing on the cyclocross bike. I'll post a pic when built.

You=get back to work.

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Anonymous said...

They kinda look like Soltice in his Briko Sprinter's glasses from the 80's....