Thursday, December 28, 2006


This would be funny if we were getting snow. It was not a white Christmas, and all I hear about is rain not snow. Hmmmm.

At the shop we are doing inventory. It sucks, but at least this guy's brother is back from college to help. Ben and I talked at length about how his blogging brother is getting worried about next year and how we'll both whup on him. It seems he will be a dad soon and I am sure we'll never see him again. Who will be the faster brother next year? That is on the lips of the public.
Anyone know what a Sleestack is? Try google, or look tommorrow and I'll post a picture.
I am going to lift now. It is a "recovery" week. I am glad to say the 1st block of training is done. Don't think Base 1 or 2. I am following a slightly different way of training.
Go work or ride. Do something at least.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Land of the Lost, what ever happened to Sugar Daddy's blog? I think maybe the Sleestacks kicked the crap out of Inigo Montoya over there.

Brendan said...

Doing inventory eh? Is that what you call it when you sit around and talk about bikes? I want a job like that=)

Fastest brother, who is to say? I think it depends on how often my baby poops.