Monday, December 11, 2006

Red Winging

It was a nice day out Sunday, and with the wife meeting up with a friend, and my domestic duties done, I headed to Red Wing. I thought I would document it just because I know how much you care about it.

The paragon all loaded and ready to go.

The lame self shot picture, only in the car.

Jamming to Click and Clack on NPR. They are so hardcore!

I little pick-me-up.

Damn, he is one good looking fella.

The gate at the bottom of Memorial Park in Red Wing was closed for the winter, so I had to park at the Marine and ride up.

Up I go.

What do you do if you are a sh*t bag with leaves in your yard? Well, bag them in plastic bags and throw them down a ravine of course!! Seriously, this wins the dumba$$ award for the day.

Camera on timer? Check. Riding up teeter-totter? Check. Picture of my 360 degree, tail whip, superman flip off of the teeter-totter? Guess the camera did not get that

If you go on other blogs you may see the self shot. It is always on the pavement or gravel. This is going up the manhandler. Nasty, rocky and steep. I made it up fine every time.

A view of the town below.

Just a pic of trail. Lots of fun singletrack.

I did some exploring. Turns out there is a back way up to Memorial park through Mississippi National Golf Course. Here is the clubhouse.

Showing manhandler who the boss is...again.

Back at the marine again. These guys in the background spent like 15 minutes trying to dock that boat, and were still trying when I left. That is the famous Barn Bluff in the background.
I ended the day with about 2 1/2 hours of riding. Only 1 1/2 bottles consumed. Lots of climbing, but all done at a easy pace. I hit up the gym with the wife after that to get in a little more.
How was your weekend?
Now get back to work!


Anonymous said...


Charly Tri said...

First, it is a Specialized Cactus Cup jersey, which was a big national type race series years ago.

Second, notice it says race winner on the sleeve? Yeah, that's right.

Third, to answer your question. It is your mom.

Anonymous said...

Cactus Cup 95,96 or 97?

The year that we camped in a Farmers Field and we woke up to a Tracktor coming at us with it's lights on?

The year you graciously pointed out to the other junior racers at the results board that it was indeed you, who thoroughly beat their asses?