Saturday, June 02, 2012

School's Out!

As both of my fans know, I am married to a teacher.  While she works, I am running training camp at home with our 2 daughters and occasionally other camp members (and managing the properties all year long).  Well, yesterday was the last day of school thus the picture.

With the transition to warm days also is my return to the shop.  Yup, Rochester Cycling will be blessed with my presence again this summer as I hammer out repairs and help people look for just the right chamois.  Tuesday will be my first day.  Expect sales at all the other shops in town to dip upon my return.

This summer is shaping up to be a fun one.  Kind of at the last minute I have made plans to race the MN series race in Mankato.  I think it may be 10 years or so since I was last there and 2 years since I lined up at a state series race, so it should be fun.  I just found out it is the MN championship race as well, so that should bring out all the heavy hitters to slap me around for the day.

Oh what about the bike?  Well, I got my new bike.  It is "Superfly", rides like a perfect "100", and is more than enough for even the pickiest "pro" (not that I am).  I made a few mods for myself that should prove to be awesome.  I truly love this platform and am excited for another year or racing on it.

Good luck to "Kitty" and all the other DK200 racers this weekend.

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