Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick update and then drive North

Red Wing MNSCS
Went something like this
-back of the pack starting postioning, work really hard, good spot into singletrack
-first lap, good legs, can't breath, catches up to me 1/3 of the way in, ride like little girl for long while as I gasp for air
-second lap hot and muggy, getting into groove, do I feel rain?  Yes!
-third lap, getting greasy as it dumps rain, cool, feeling really good, riding well, moving up, having fun!
-forth lap, nasty conditions, having fun, bike works perfect, 12th place.
-the new 29-1 tires are awesome, not great mud tires, but not that bad, light, big volume, great traction
-Front wheel bearings so-so, left BB bearing locked up, pulleys locked up, overhauled all, spinning great!

Chequamegon 100
-race on Saturday
 -looking forward to riding sweet trails for 100 miles (except that F%$#ing birkie trail)
-not expecting a repeat, but I didn't expect a one peat, doesn't mean I won't try.
-more competition=good

-my back has been nasty this week, on par with worse ever.
-tight, pain, etc.
-Not missing Saturday's start.

-can't wait

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