Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last several days have been busy with projects at he rentals.  The most time sensitive is finishing off some hardwood floors in time for the polyurethane to dry before the next move in.  I need to go over for another coat in an hour, and then another later today.

In other news I managed to weasel (thanks Mark) my way into racing the MN series race at Red Wing tomorrow right after the wife finishes the Rochesterfest Tri.  I hope to be more aggressive in my start and have my fingers crossed for better legs than Mankato.  The current plan is to ride the 50ish gravel miles home after the race for a good butt kicker.  Cheq 100 is the next weekend and I have my doubts on riding well, so a last minute body thrashing sounds like just want I need.

It will be really interesting to see if the Mankato cheater shows up tomorrow.  Sounds like more than one person has some type of plan if he decides to race.  I am hearing from several people now that the guy has always been shady and cutting the course would not seem out of norm (it is actually thought he cut at least one other part of the course out as well).  A few more witnesses to the infraction could get him penalized, so if anyone saw anything speak up.

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