Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cable Classic and the back up bike.

Well, I didn't work much at selling last year's bike, so I had to slum it on a 2011 ride. Sure, it may be a super fast carbon Trek Superfly with sram xx and carbon wheels, I may have barely ridden it last year, but it is still so "last year". Oh, and it is for sale with race x-lite or xxx-lite wheels.

The Cable Classic went pretty good. A race Tuesday then Thursday had my legs with no snap and lots of pain right off the bat on Saturday. Scott K-Y led it basically the entire way at the start as I kept getting boxed in and grabbing the wrong wheel. As we approached the singletrack Scott would almost get crashed out as a few wheel suckers would make dangerous passes trying to get by before the ribbon's of dirt (I thought these were uncalled for after no one would work with Scott).

Through the dirt and back on the road my legs were not having it. I watched the front guys ride away and I just rode a relaxed pace. The legs would get a little better about half way and I would proceed to pass and catch 2 riders. Next I would find Mike B. and he sat on as I powered us the last few miles of rails to trails. He sat up at the finish. I guess I got 6th which really surprised me considering how the legs felt cooked all race.

Next is a night ride and a long ride up here with the cabin mates and sweet trails. Way better than racing a state race or gravel. Oh, and got to watch a bear for a few minutes from the cabin this morning. I love it here!

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