Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pic dump

It's been awhile since I actually shown pics from a ride, so here are some recent ones. This is from multiple rides.

Found a good snowmobile for the cabin, just needs a little TLC.

My "candid" Kerkove shot. It totally caught me off guard.

Trying to get home before it get's too cold or dark as I roll out of Millville. Found a cool new trail to explore right before this, but water and time were not on my side. My favorite was the discussion I had with the 4 wheeling couple.

Went something like this:
Me: Where does this trail go?
Husband: Dumps out about 6 miles that way.
Me: Oh, I don't have time for that, it is getting dark and I have to get back to Rochester.
Husband: Well, where are you parked?
Me: Uh, Rochester.
Wife: Aha, ha, ha, ha. (as in that flamer on the bike is screwed).

Not sure if you can tell, but there is a tractor up there. I went on to pass him up like Paris Hilton passes up intelligent thought.

A new secret trail. A new custom modded, custom painted fork. Yeah, I am special. Gary Fisher 29er crew graphics adorn this bad mother.

Bridging the gap on my solo ride. Get it, bridging the gap?

J-No and I doing our Kerkove shots. Just another "Break the Four Horsemen" ride.

Secret training involves secret locations. I think I got about 1/2 of the windmills in the picture. Really neat in a "good for you, but I am not putting all those on my property" way.



Unknown said...

Great shots!

-one of the Four Horsemen

Charlie Farrow said...

Dear Mr. Tri: Recently, I embarked upon a visionary dreamquest during a recent 12 hour solo ride sans water or food, in it I came upon a hidden scroll tucked deep within a cavern. When I unrolled it, penned in what appeared to be blood was the following message..."Beware of the Novak, when it counts will betray all others for the DBD!!!"

Of course it may mean nothing, but I thought that I should let you know...You may want to watch Novak a little closer...just a thought...
No worries,

Charly Tri said...

It is always funny that adding a small little comment can bring some people out of there resting place.

I guess Novak is officially to be watched. I will just ride as if I have no friends, which wouldn't be all that much different than my personal life.

I'll see you guys in a few weeks, when the four horsemen ride as one and Jo Mama hopes to not get covered in horse dung.

Anonymous said...

I count you as one of my dearest of friends....the son I never had...I loath Novak.