Friday, March 26, 2010

Grrrrr, rant on.

I am a conservative.

I am not a bible thumping, Rush Limbaugh worshiping, abortion doctor killing, racist, unsympathetic, gun toting, confederate flag waving, truck driving, red meat eating wacko like the liberal media tries to paint all conservatives with.

My main belief that draws me to the conservative side is this, personal responsibility:

Health Care. Insurance company this, bloated pharmaceutical companies that. WHAT ABOUT GETTING PEOPLE OFF THEIR LARGE BUTTS? When do we focus on people being responsible for getting themselves so out of shape with such large health problems? We as a people are getting fatter and fatter, but let's ignore that.

Credit card debt. Those bastards at the credit card companies forced everyone into racking up debt and now they want people to pay for it? Yep, not your fault you overspend, it is their's. We need to clamp down on those cards and figure out how to force those companies to reduce it.
Education. Sure there are bad teachers and schools, but even more bad parents. You don't need a degree to become a parent. It used to be that kids would respect the teacher because their parents told them to. Now it is often the parent and kid vs. the teacher. "My kid isn't doing well in your class, what did YOU do to cause this." No, it is not the fact that your kid never turns in work and is more interested in his future pro sports career that you promote. It is the teacher's fault. And yes, the teacher is singling your kid out and picking on him. That is exactly what teachers do. Very few kids are read to anymore, parents no longer take a vested interest in their education. That is why they send them school isn't it, so the parents don't have to teach them anything?

Mortgage crisis. Yeah, some people got into bad loans. But really why are many people in over their heads? Greed. I want bigger, I want better, I want to go right up to the limits of what I can afford at this time. Yeah, yeah I could spend a little less, but then my house wouldn't be as big or new now wouldn't it?

That is what our society has become. No personal responsibility. THIS ARTICLE is what set me off. Here is a direct quote from a new Government plan to reduce mortgages amounts, "Some people simply will not be able to afford to stay in their homes because they bought more than they could afford". I say let them sell their house and downsize, but nope, it will now be all of our problems because that is not the "real issue".

Sorry about the non bike related rant, but IT IS NOT MY FAULT! Give me awhile and I'll figure out who's fault it is.


The Rider Formerly Known as VR Captain said...

Nice job not reading the article. Here is the actual paragraph the quote came from;

Diana Farrell, a White House economic adviser, said the plan won't prevent most of the 10 million to 12 million foreclosures expected over the next three years. Doing so, she said, "wouldn't be fair, it would be too expensive and we probably wouldn't succeed in any case, because many people got into homes that they simply cannot afford."

I read that as them saying that trying to prevent the forclosures for most of those people who bought more than they can afford wouldn't be fair and isn't what they are trying to do. Maybe I didn't read that paragraph with my conservative glasses on.

Charly Tri said...

No, I read right, they changed the article around. I copied and pasted that line from what they said was direct text from the bill. It was not someone's quote, but straight out of the literature provided (according to the article). You cannot find my exact quote anywhere on there now.

It is amazing how much I must scare Obama's people. They must have people on hand, ready to react to my postings.

The Rider Formerly Known as VR Captain said...

Ohh please. You just became no better than Mario. Hey everyone Charlie just misquoted an article dealing with issues he doesn't understand and then posted it on his bike blog as some sort of Political drivel.

Charly Tri said...

Yeah, that copy/paste feature really screwed me over didn't it. It still does not take apart the premise of my post. Just like a liberal, instead of trying to defend your blaming actions, you ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! I say "People need to be responsible for their actions". You say, "You're ugly". You smelly liberal, go rake a trail

J-No said...

What is wrong with people who drive trucks?

I'm too lazy to address the other issues in the blog.

jp said...

Yeah City Boy, what's wrong with MY truck? Is your Jetta jealous? :)

biketango said...

nice job guys, jump on the periphery comments about about driving a truck and exact article quote. Don't worry about addressing the Actual idea of Tri's post.

Actually a perfect set of responses to make his point.

Charly Tri said...

Don't be too hard on them. VR captain is just an Obama bandwagon passenger always looking to argue (like me), and jp and j-no are serial commenters on the blog that happen to drive trucks. All are friends just razing me, which is what it is all about (actually the Hokie Pokie is, but just for the sake of arguement...).

J-No said...

I was unaware that others besides VR, JP and myself even read the blog.

biketango said...

I lurk from time to time :D

J-No said...

Healthcare: Fat asses aside, There are too many people with no way to pay for medical care. Medicare is a horrible failure. People are living longer, not as healthy, etc. I don't understand the new bill, but I'm sure I will be paying for it.

Credit Card: I agree. You play, you pay. The companies are crooked as well, raising rates with no notice, shifting due dates etc.

Education: I'm not in education, and I'm happy with my kid's school, so I have no thoughts.

Mortgage: This seems simple. You pay as you agreed to or you lose your house. Yes, people overspent, went bigger than they could afford. They should be accountable. Mortgage companies are also not boy scouts. Failure to check up on incomes, allowing people to lie on their applications, acting like cheezy salesmen just to make a buck. Then when things go south they expect a bailout. They took a gamble and lost. They should suck it up and deal with it.

The Rider Formerly Known as VR Captain said...

I'm Not going to address Matt Nelson, as he races for peace coffee and therefor sucks! He spends more time in the green saturn than Moped man.

As for the other issues, Pickup trucks are awesome for pulling my gas guzzling boat.

The mortgage situation; people lost thier jobs, when they went to sell thier houses it turned out the housing slump devalued thier houses to the point that if they tried to sell, the house is no longer worth what the loan on the house is worth. So if they sold thier house they still couldn't pay off the mortgage.

Healthcare; Everyone on Peace Coffee is too fat.

Education; Mrs. Tri is a teacher, need I say more about thier being an education crisis.

Peace Coffee will be perfect scored by velorochester/trek/29er crew at the sandwich 50.

biketango said...

OOOOkabey then...
You're half right. I ride a Green bike with the right size wheels. When you wanna learn how to ride the big boy wheels you come see me.

My take on All the issues:
*Requiring people to take personal responsibility OR having traditional opinions will get you labeled a bastard conservative.
*Blaming the gov't or the rich for society's ills will allow open acceptance as a compassionate free thinker.

can you tell I'm a Moderate?

Charly Tri said...

I am not going to argue the Peace Coffee statements. Somethings cannot be disproving.

Pickups are for guys with needs to make up for other areas in their life (if you know what I mean). That is, unless I get one. Then they are cool.

Mortgage; Values were getting exceedingly high as people got greedy and speculated. They saw equity in their home and took that as an opportunity to take out a loan/upgrade/add on/flip houses. The situation with job loss sucks, but only added to people's mortgage problems. Oh, and many of those mortgage companies are not white as snow either.

Healthcare; Peace Coffee is too fat. They could use some of that Slim Cafe coffee I saw on TV awhile back. Oh, and Mrs. VR Captain is a nurse, enough said.

Education; yeah the wife is a teacher. The parent stories I hear from her and coworkers about parents and students are amazing, in a bad way.

My prediction is that there will be a line of Peace Coffee racers at the green saturn to take off minutes on their overall time.

Gazoo said...

I just don't get the health care bru-haha. Right now the system is broken and everyone agrees it is broken.

Hospitals are getting something like 70 cents on the dollar for medicare. Every medicare patient a hospital sees makes that hospital lose money. As a result of getting too little for medicare the costs are shifted to those outside of medicare. If the government pays $0.70 on the dollar for a medicare patient, someone else has to pay $1.30 on the dollar to make it up. As the number of people on medicare increases (the aging baby boomers) the price is going up for those not on medicare. As a result fewer people are buying insurance because it costs too much. This in turn causes insurance costs to go up more, causing fewer to buy it, causing the price to go up more, and so on.

The solution this law came up with is to force everyone, young and old, to pay for health care insurance. It spreads the load over 300+ Million Americans, which is a liberal idea. It is private/public solution using businesses, not a single payer government option, which is a conservative idea. The health care industry likes it. Insurers like it. The poor without insurance like it. It doesn't effect those who already have insurance (other than the upcoming Cadillac Health Care tax that is on its way in a few years) and in fact could decrease insurance costs as the load is spread out. The GBO says it will ultimately DECREASE the government's cost of health care, so if their math is right it saves taxpayer money in the end.

My theory about why this is such a big deal in the media? This is a Republican scare tactic to get back into office. A year ago everyone was saying the Republicans were done, that the Bush legacy was so bad that they were never coming back. Now the Republican party is back in the game. They got here by screaming at the top of their lungs "Get your gubermint hands off my health care".

Charly Tri said...

Great Gazoo,

I don't claim to know the ins and outs of the bill/healthcare and don't have a firm opinion on the matter, but I have a slightly hard time understanding something. There will be no new taxes, but millions will all of a sudden have health insurance? Is that free and if so why don't we apply that to everything?

My point is when do we stop pointing the finger everywhere else and look in the mirror? Put down the chips and pop and go for a walk and I bet health insurance rates go down.

Oh, also, I replied because I just want a really long string of comments.

I wonder how many comments I can get if I try to claim that the holocaust was made up?

Charly Tri said...

I guess I didn't fully read your explanation on how this is payed for (blame it on the long comment and my laziness). I have very hard time believing that wholly pays for everything. Again I don't know the ins and outs, but I don't buy that explanation.

Gazoo said...

Well, for funding that is what I have read. Though I have also read there are some pretty funny numbers built into the accounting as well.

I agree about your premise, though. We need to be self sufficient and not blame others. Totally agree. If you weigh 400 lbs and get diabetes, if you smoke 2 packs a day and get lung cancer, if you put 5 pats of butter on every piece of bread and get a heart attack, or if you ride in a 330 mile gravel road ride and your hands go numb for 6 months and you lose both toe nails to blood blisters, it is nobody's fault but your own.

In this search for the biggest thread do I get any points for longest run on sentence?

Mario said...

WHAT! How did I get pulled into this. " better than Mario". What'd I do? In retrospect, I back you on your post, Charly (but I guess my support isn't worth anything :) I back you on the original, not the Peace Coffee comments.