Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Look for me on Wheaties boxes next!

I swear I am not out for attention, but the people at the paper must love me. I have never sought out to be in an article, they find me. This is the third time I am in there in 2 months. I don't think this made the front page though. It is somewhere in the sports section. Link Here

As for inaccuracies:
First off, how do you like my senior picture pose they put in? Nice eh? Second, I have 1 child, not 2. Third, I am 32, not 31. And fourth, I was 5 hours into the race (about 50 miles) NOT 5 miles when I dropped.

I knew after talking to that guy there was going to be several screw ups. He isn't exactly a Dan Gaz now is he? Dan, he is sooo dreamy.



Unknown said...

You know what they say. Sex Sells! With a man like you it just doesn't get any better for them.
As for the screw ups. I've been in the paper here a bunch of times. They have never got my name right let alone anything else.

Maybe the next time your on you should issue an apology to the gravel road riders. I mean they can't help riding in lame events. After all I seem to recall you missing out on the COOLEST CRITERIUM EVER just so you could ride some gravel roads.

jp said...

Charly to her, "Honey does this coat make me look fat?", No, but that helmet sure does!!! :) Sorry Pal, couldn't resist. JP

Charly Tri said...

Oh Bab Mahefre,

I did not take pleasure in missing that crit, but I do not remember what race I did in it's place. I do remember that the reason I missed the coolest crit ever was because of the need to buy a full year license in the cat 3 category. I love crits, and I like like you. I just didn't want to buy a year license to be able to race one USCF race all year.

Oh, and I did not say all gravel road races are lame, just overblown as most of these courses are rather plain compared to rocking out some fun singletrack.

P.S. I think you hit the nail on the head as to why we are in the paper all the time.

Anonymous said...

Bet you wife was happy to see that you have 2 kids!