Saturday, October 20, 2007

Marathons with the Careys, A week behind

Welcome to the town of Ashland, WI; home of the Whistle Stop Marathon. Once again, the Tri's and Carey's joined forces to battle the elements and hotel prices of a marathon.

Becky (my baby's momma) and Erin (Mark's baby's momma) would be supported by there evil counterparts, the men.

It was a chilly morning as Mark and I rode the course backwards in hopes of finding our women. Here we had to stop for the 5K to start. There was a 5k, 10K, half, and full marathon going on at the same time on different parts of the same course.

Erin is only a couple of miles into the half marathon and she thinks she already won.

This is what happens when you take a triathlete onto a smooth dirt path.

Becky owning #261.

Look!! Becky is coming to the finish!!!

Here she is. 3:49.04, a new personnal record. Knocking over 12 minutes off of her old time. 8 minutes and 5 seconds from a Boston qualifying time.

Erin thinks she looks ugly in every picture, except this one.

Mark attacking my wife. Maybe I should do something about that. Hmmm, maybe not.

Becky rarely enjoys a Micky-D's burger. I think she likes it.

I took two extra days off from work to get last minute projects done around the houses before it starts to snow. Windows have been put in, block has been taken out, branches have been cut, gravel has been layed, and dirt has been delivered. I am not even half done with the projects that need to be done this 4 day weekend.
I got to go to work now.


BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

Gunman finally got his act together and updated his blog!

Erin, you are far from ugly in any of those pictures or anytime!

Both of you, way to go! Congrats.

Charly, I think you like "sharing" ;) - Good onya Mark

and finally......

Teach Mark some off road skills why don't you.

Anonymous said...

It must have been cold if MCHammers was covering his legs. Last year we rode with snow on the ground and he was still in shorts.