Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking at and riding like a child.

Wake up Sat morning. Try to figure out if that was a mouse in the bathroom, or crap in my eyes. Go to store, buy traps, set said traps, and off we go to WI for a baptism..

I became an uncle for the second time (technically). My first niece is closely guarded by my brother and his wife who have decided to lock us out of their lives (and most of the rest of the family). Watch the movie "Saving Silverman" and you will understand what has happened. So, this feels like the first time I have become an uncle.

Becky's sis and husband (in pic) took the proper steps to conceive a child (ask your parents), and now here we are. This picture is just before the priest tries to drown Kaydance. I think Alysia and Chris (mom and dad) just were doing this so they didn't have to give her a bath that day.

With Halloween being so close they decided to dress Kaydance up as an Amish child for the ceremony.

Me, the baby's momma, and a baby (not ours).

The next day I decided to embarrass myself at a cross race in Milwaukee. With it being my second cross race in years and the fact my bikes have been sadly alone since July, I suited up for the "B" or Cat 3 race. I started in the back, shot to third at the start, and moved to first through the barriers. A couple of turns later and I was picking myself up after sliding out in a corner. That took the wind out of my sails, and backwards I went. It seems that on that first lap everyone else was faster as I came through the finish in 24th or DFL, ouch. My plan was just to be steady and not bring up the rear. The whole race I could only keep my 5-speed transmission in 4th gear, but I was able to keep it there the entire time. I spent the rest of the race working my way forward as others slowed. The top 5 had a massive gap, but I finished ninth with 6th, 7th, and 8th within spitting distance.
This week I'll actually try to ride my bike and see if I am able to find my 5th gear for this Sunday.
Me running the barriers, or as Becky calls them, "the jumps".

Yo, yo!

Sunday night I found a mouse in one of the traps. It had clamped down on his face and I let it free outside to invade another house. Through this process I found out that Becky is deathly afraid of those four legged rodents.

Less bloggy, bloggy. More worky, worky.

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