Thursday, April 19, 2007

Riding in shorts once again!

Dude, I did my second ride this year with shorts! Sweet tanlines here I come, so look out ladies!

Went out Tuesday, found my favorite loooong climb (by MN standards) and spent the next hour doing hill repeats up it at an intense pace. Most hills seem to be treat me fine, but those really steep ones put the wood to me. As Sugar Daddy says (in his best Keith Bontrager voice). "climbing, sprinting, time-trialing. Pick Two." I told him I wanted climbing and sprinting, but I guess it doesn't quite work that way. What kind of coach is that?

This Wednesday saw who has fragile egos (hand raised). A more modest ride got ramped up and ended with three of us waaaaay off the front. We got a little out of hand, but by breaking away we proved that we must be really well endowed.
Other then that, the days are finally getting warmer. I have a crit this weekend in WI that hopefully will go well. I have to travel to other states now where riders don't know about my patented 15 mph attacks. They have no idea what is in store for them.
Do you get paid by the hour to read this crap? Get back to work, there are millions on welfare depending on you.

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