Monday, April 30, 2007

"Pro" News, New bike, and My Baby's Momma

For immediate release:

A great stir took over the peloton at the Ken Woods Memorial race when it was realized Charly Tri, aka Jo Mama, was not present in the Cat 3 peloton at the start of the third and final lap. A spokesperson for Mr. Mama is quoted as having said that the prolific rider was suffering from gastrointestinal issues that forced him to abandon at the end of the second lap (and near the Porto Pottys). "Charly was not feeling well all race. He was only able to go at about 80%, and feared what could happen out in the middle of nowhere. He was happy that despite his condition, he was able to stay with the stronger riders on the most difficult parts of the course. He expressed great disappointment because he was sure he could make the last selection on the hill and offer an intense ending," says the spokesperson. It appears as though Mr. Mama's next race will be the Spring Cup. He spent the rest of the weekend with his wife, enjoying her birthday and doing some secret training.

That sounded "pro" despite the fact I don't resemble "pro" any other way.

Here I am at the start of the race with a decent headache. #670

We headed to Red Wing for some chillin. The next day we ate breakfast at the Blue Moon Cafe downtown. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Did someone get a new bike for their birthday? Hmmm, looks like a loving husband already added a lot of "upgrades" to his wife's new cross/road bike.

W.O.W., like Velorochester, but for the ladies.

Just before I dropped her hard with the patented 15mph attack.

A little off-roading action on the road slicks.

That is it for now.
I gotta go to work, hint, hint.

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Anonymous said...

But does she like the Damselfly, or should I call it the damage fly? :P TMI!!!