Saturday, March 03, 2007

New celebrity??

It is amazing how our little ones grow up so fast. Nina (seen here) has taken the Paris Hilton route and is trying to use her parent's vast real estate empire to bring celebrity status to herself. Nina figures she can be another spoiled heiress. The following are some "paparazzi" pictures that will soon see there way into the celeb news.

This is her coming out of a local hot spot...drunk (ala Paris).

She loves the camera and is more than willing to pose for the photographers.

Here she is again posing. The rest of the photos will not be seen here because they contain graphic images (again, think Paris Hilton).

Back in simpler times before the glitz and glamour.

Well, that is it for today. You can be on the look out for Nina in the news. Also, watch for the release of the completely unauthorized movie featuring Nina; "Nina Tri: Doggy Style". It features footage of Nina that was meant for her own personnal use.
Yeah, I am bored and I am sure you are sick of the old "I was on the trainer again" thread.

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