Sunday, June 09, 2013

What's Charly riding?

This, this is what I am riding.  If there is dirt trail, it is with Proto I sail.  Proto is my prototype 186mm rear end frame/fork that has done me so well all winter.  A shout out to 9:ZERO:7 as their framesets and hubs are "da bomb" as the kids say.  You saw my drivetrain set up a few posts down, but that Wolf Tooth chainring still refuses to cause me grief.  For summer I got me some Neon 47mm trials rims to round out the Knard tires (it certainly is noticed and nice).  So far they seem very stiff, built up well, and they "claimed" to be fairly light (I didn't bother weighing them).  I am planning on trying a ghetto tubeless set up, but the lack of bead lock so far has got me doubtful.  I've managed some success so far this year, and I am quite pleased with this set up.

Now, the often asked question is "how much does it weigh?".  Honestly I do not know.  I assume it is under 30 pounds, but I do not know by how much.  Either way, I am fully loving my warm weather riding with proto.

That being said, I have been spending time dreaming of winter adventures....

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