Friday, August 19, 2011

The return to more frequent blogging.

Alright, so here is the deal. I am in a new house with lots of to do projects I want to take care of. I also have a new baby that will be here shortly. Sooooo, I am not exactly "training" as I don't plan on racing anytime soon. However, that won't stop me from an update about random stuff. I plan on some more frequent updates as we go along.

I have a new one, and possibly another in the works. More on those later, but it is always nice to have fun toys.

I visit here very infrequently. The store annoys me, but the inconsiderate customers drive me nuts. For some reason I stopped in there today and found one highly redeeming quality now. You can play my favorite game "Big Buck Hunter: Pro" for $.50 for a hunt, or $1 for a full hunting adventure. Which leads me to...

Big Buck Hunter: Pro
I am not a video game guy. I am not a hunter. However, I have a hard time walking by this game and not throwing up the cash to knock down some bucks. The pro version has some quality graphics and is more interactive. I can shoot me a mountain lion, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits while picking off the bucks. Just don't shoot the does!

Tuscobia 2011, Arrowhead 2012, Ragnarok 2012, Transiowa 2012
I plan on being on those start lines in fine form.

Free Gravel Races
There is a small movement for these races. People think racing gravel just isn't cool unless it is free. Well, I hate to tell those people that these races are not free. There are always expenses. Guiter Ted and Chris Skogen run the most well known of these races with Transiowa and Almanzo (a race that may someday work out for me). THEY are paying their own money to run these races. Chris puts on a fantastic event and must have considerable expenses with said event. I say let them charge a fee so that race promoters are not shelling out their own cash so others can race. I will never balk at a fee to do an organized event like these.


Unknown said... it is second nature to fork over 200+ dollars for a night of entertainment at a Brewers game, or movie and nice dinner for a little less, or even pay 150$ in mainly worthless TV/communications bill, but I better get that one or two guys to run around like a chicken with their head cut-off for free so I can get some actual re-creation and enjoy an organized timed event with countless hours of behind the scenes work....we humans have so little sense of true value and our dollars.

LP said...

seriously what is up with the picture with your blog's title?

Charly Tri said...

Nathan-speaking of which, I just ordered up an antenna to receive over the air channels instead of the basic cable that we have now. Even then it seemed like we paid to much for what little we used it.

Lauralee-The picture? To me it represents man's struggles to overcome his or her's individual obstacles in life. I see it as a very deep and meaningful picture that dare I say it, could change the world. Are you possibly offended by it? Is it because he has a tattoo? That must be it, you have a thing against tattoos. Well, I am not a big tattoo guy, but I say to each their own.

Anonymous said...

By and by Charly, that bike you suggested is the balls.

See you at Pre Fat?

Love, Nate.

Charly Tri said...

No pre-fat. Too much going on to justify paying money to see how slow I got.

Glad to hear you are digging the new bike. I make dreams come true.

Brian D. said...

I don't have a perfect track record, but I try to remember to donate to these free races as I sign in. It is always appreciated and never declined.