Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pro or local schmo

Long time readers of the blog, God help you, may remember the contest to figure out if the rider pictured is a Professional or just some local guy. Well, when possible, we will play again. Today is a new round.

So I ask, is this a Pro or local schmo?


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you Christopher, that would be crazy Charlie, gravel pro, local schmo.

your friend Jeremy Rients

Anonymous said...

That is a picture of Tom Cruise in his latest film in which he plays a washed-up cyclist that has no friends!

J-No said...

Pro--When did Brett Farve start wearing a Salsa hat?

Aaron Swanson said...

Yep, I definitely think it's retired pro Charlie Farve.

Ari said...

I think it is Tom Cruise on that Island with his friend the Volleyball