Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lacking the blogging skills.

Something is up with my computer so when I go to enter a post on the blog the window shuts down. It is very odd, but that is why the drought. This message is brought to you from the work computer.

Here are some brief highlights in the last couple of weeks,

-The kid is growing well if the wife's stomach is any indication.

-Raced 12 hours of the blufflands in Lacrosse. It went something like this; feeling great, build 25 minute gap, start feeling hot, feel really hot, suffer heat exhaustion with emptying of the stomach, rest and cool for 90 minutes, get mad, ride despite very nauseous and not able to eat much, move up into 3rd and almost overtake 2nd, get a mechanical, proper inflation missing, and body shuts down from lack of food. 5th out of 10. Good news is I rode strong when I was riding. Bad news was I could barely eat for 3 days.

-I went to Trek's dealer show which kicked butt. Got to talk with Travis Brown and ride awesome bikes (no lie, they were amazing). Mark fell down, banged up his ribs, and Gary Fisher fetched him some margaritas for the pain (no lie, Fisher was Mark's errand boy).

-Went to the cabin and did work with the old man. Raced the Pre Fat in Seely. I rode the hour there on back roads from the cabin and back. I left late so I actually had to TT it to the start to make it on time. My muscles pleaded for a warm up in the 50 degree weather, but I could not oblige. Got to the start with the field already lined up. I picked up my timing chip, used the bathroom, and pulled up to the start with a little over a minute to go. That was the time I could get a little stretching in. The start hurt a lot with the muscles so stiff, heck the whole race did. Four hours of riding with the first 3 at race pace. I ended up 19th out of 90 in the expert field, 2nd in my age group.

-I planning on racing the 24 Hours of 7 Oaks solo this weekend. I may or may not have support. Wish me luck.

Just a couple of pics.

Trek built up a sub 20 pound Top Fuel without getting too crazy with part spec.

Your boss appreciated the fact that you had nothing to read on my insignificant blog lately. Maybe you should get back to work.

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Chris said...

Maybe you should have shaved your head, like Pedro.