Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Transmission works again.

Memorial day weekend.

-Got work done at one duplex
-Rode on the Lanesboro trail with "she who carrys the child".
-Had an impromptu bonfire at the house.
-Got in some other fun rides. One with Dab Man (Jon Finoff) and one with Tri Guy.
-Got the lawn ready to hopefully be green and lush.
-Got the garden ready and flowers planted.
-Hardly touched the "to do" list.

Anywho, my baby's momma is expanding daily and she is officially 6 months along. We are trying to get things ready to go soon here. She is still working out, but running is being phased out and swimming/elliptical are being phased in. Speaking of working out, I finally feel like my fifth gear works again (first time this year). After 2 CC races and 2 local mtb TT's, the legs are kicking strong again. Last night's mtb TT felt good and I finally feel like I have caught up in my fitness from the debacle that was my knee injury.

That is it for now, get back to work.


The Godfather said...

Looks like you have time to write on your blog, and steal your brothers forwards and put them on your blog, but you don't have time to send your brother an email. DOUCHE!!!

Richard said...

Tranny works, but the bloggage is lacking. I have to live vicariously cause I have kids... oops, did I say that out loud?