Monday, May 19, 2008

8=0, the Kuske mantra for VR training camp

It came, it went, it rocked; the First Annual Velorochester Training Camp at the cabin. The goal for the weekend was to ride, race, and get ball'n up in the Cable, WI area. Also, this would also give me a chance to explore the trails up there for the first time.
Tri-Guy (Mark Carey), Kuske (Matt Kurke), and I meet up with Chris SL (Chris Fisher) and Sam-o (Sam Oftedahl, a guest member for the weekend) We decide to take off for a shake down ride before it got dark. We took off from the cabin and up the Esker trail (starts at the cabin). By the end of the trail, rain starts in. When we get on Spider Lake Road the wind is howling. A large falling pine tree almost stops the weekend short for many of us (you should have hard the thing crack). The weather calms when we get back and KC (Brendan Moore), Wenkster (Jason Wenk), and Dot Com (Paul Hanson, guest member) show up. Antics raged as the campfire burns.
Someone gets everyone up at 6am to see the black bear in the field across the road. We get up, Kuske makes some flapjacks, and we roll out to the race. The cabin was perfectly situated between the start and the finish so we lessened our carbon footprint by riding to and fro. The training camp does well with Dot Com winning, KC in 3rd, Sam-o in 4th, Chris SL in 7th, and Kuske in 12th. Wenkster, Tri-Guy and I all had problems during the race. Wenkster felt like poo. I managed to stack it hard while riding behind Kuske down a fireroad halfway through and then run out of water for 8 miles. Tri-guy broke a chain and ran, yes he did run, 3 miles until getting it fixed. Kuske's burgers and munchin on Dot Com's pork made our bellys happy after the race. Tri-guy goes for a trail run afterwards and ends up hurting his hand, taking him out of the ride that night and the next day. The night ride planned for Saturday ends before it starts because of weather (and KC and Dot Com's sad puppy dog faces).
Breakfast at the Cable Cafe saw KC signing the Fat Tire poster (check it out hanging behind their counter). Tri-Guy goes fishing while the rest of us head out again on the Esker trail. From there we did the Objibwe, and headed over on dirt roads for the Rock Lake trail. FUN, FUN, FUN trails!! We came back on the road where the headwind and speed were high. Almost a 4 hour ride that had all of us smiling and satisfied (that's what she said). We cleaned up the cabin and headed out.
-Tri-Guy's hand is now very stiff and full of blood.
-Wenkster and Dot Com are not "officially" a couple, but we are happy for them both anyways.
-Top Chris SL can dig out a fire pit with a snow shovel.
-The cabin is a blast and open to rent for your own adventures.
-Pictures courtesy of Kuske.
-You need to get back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I may have to make the trip next year. As long as you don't tell anyone I was riding a Mtn bike...