Sunday, February 10, 2008

Live Strong

Got my ride on yesterday after a 1 1/2 weeks of nothing. Between the cabin and bad back pain I needed to head out for a ride. Hopped on the monkey and met up with 5 other locals to get our ride on. MC, CF, JS, DG, Old Man Palmer, and I headed out for pavement and gravel exploration. MC and I headed back a wie early as he had not had much time on the bike and my legs were twitching from lack of riding as well. Did I mention that MC started the Rochester chapter of the Charly Tri fan club. Check it out at All in all a good ride. I ended up with almost 3 hours for the day. I feel like I "woke" the legs up from their slumber and I can get back to normal riding again.
Oh, what else is going on in my life? Hmmmmmm.
I am building up the Trek race rigs for mountain bike races. They are gonna be FAST! Hopefully, I will not slow them down too much. I gotta get some more parts and finish those off.
I am still looking for someone to fill Augie's Cabin for birkie this year.
I am headed up there this next weekend with my Dad. Our wives may be joining us as well.
I still find it odd when I find out people have found this blog (or as I like to say, my online drivel). Even odder when they say they read it regularly. I don't "advertise" it to people. In fact, I consider it like a "man diary" or "man scrapbooking". Sometimes I forget that there are people out there avoiding work to read the crap I write.
Oh, well. Maybe you should get back to work.

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Anonymous said...


Need some parts to fix up the rigs? After you left I found the neon mtn bike grip shift. I'd be happy to donate them to your quest to conquer the world of 24 hour races. Who needs more than six cogs?

J-No (future champion of Roch TT series in the Clydesdale-Aero- Fixed-Gear category)