Friday, February 22, 2008

Just another day, but with presents.

****Warning, lots 'o' pictures****

Well, last Saturday I turned the big 3-0. Friday night I came home to people in my house and a poorly timed shout of "surprise"! It was then a free for all of drunken debauchery. People making out in the hallways, lampshades on the heads, and all around fun.

Saturday morning saw my Old Man and I driving to the cabin to do more work. Good times all weekend.

Before we get to the pics, I want to give a shout out to a couple of people. Word is Mr. Corky (Father of Corky and Corkette) is not feeling so hot.

Also, it turns out that I am an Uncle again. My brother and his wife had another baby, or so I heard through the grapevine. I wish them the best, although I may never get to see Olivia, their baby girl. Good news and unfortunate circumstances wrapped up into one.

And now, pictures....


I blow!
I changed into my party outfit and we were off. MC and I were trying some of the food as Mr. T-Bone enjoyed the minty taste of Palmolive.

The girls were getting crazy. Here they hoist a drunken T-Bone. Nuts, just nuts.

Hey Kurke, did you get the message about how old I am? Thanks dude.

My Baby's Momma and Matt's have huge bunny ears. I never noticed until now.

Can you guess who's forehead this is?

Leaving the next morning at the *** crack of dawn.

Unbelievable action shots. I will probably submit this to some photography competition.

Yep, the cat came with.
I spend too much money here. I have haven't shopped at one in WI before though. Pretty much the same stuff in Rice Lake as there is in Rochester.

My dad stole a Pimp's safety glasses.

Looking better and better. Needs some more material, and trim work.

Went hiking on the Camba trail right behind the cabin on Sunday morning

I figure I see the tracks of a moose, deer, bear, elk, eel, and land shark in this pic.


The picture answers the following question: how do snowmobilers attract a suitable mate while drunk at Telemark lodge?

And now, off to work..........................................................................

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