Monday, January 28, 2008

And the Empire grows...

After signing the paperwork Friday, My Baby's Momma and I decided to travel North to the new Cabin on Sat. The intention was to do a little cleaning, a little hiking, and bring a van load of furniture from "Chuck's Furniture Gallery". Chuck insisted it was ours to keep (good cop) , but his wife said, "hey, how about a weekend up at the cabin?" (bad cop). Well, their strategy worked, so sometime this summer Chuck will be living Northwoods style.

Some trees, Baby's Momma, and property #4 in the Empire.

Before purchase with owls. ................................Then this weekend with most owls gone.

A super good breakfast at The Brick House in Cable on Sunday morning and we were hiking. Where did we go hiking you may ask? Well, out the front door of course.
2 Minutes walking and we were on the Esker Trail(Part of Camba). No driving to the trailhead, no walking on a street, just out the front door we went.

Grab something, call it a "stick", and Nina will do her best to destroy it.

After an hour Nina got chilly. I had to warm her up in my coat and Becky gave away her scarf. We forgot her doggie sweater, and we'll have to get her some booties.

Words can't express how excited we are to go again (we were there less than 24 hours). Cable, WI is extremely peaceful and relaxing. Trails are endless and start out the front door. Dale (Augie's Son) is also extremely nice and he has a cabin next door!
Next weekend is a 4 day weekend with my Old Man. Our job is to make the inside really nice (not the most exciting right now). When we are done it will look awesome!! I'll have to get on the boots again for more exploration.
For now it is back to the daily grind.


Brendan said...

I can't wait to see it! Who needs a lake when you have trails like that!

Richard said...

Sure it is an empire, but is it an evil empire?