Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Velonews again?

Looks like I made Velonews...again.

Velonews Race Feature
Tri Takes Heated Classics Win

By Darryl Philbin

Paris-Nice, Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Gent-Wevelgem, and Liège-Bastogne-Liège are often what comes to mind when spring classics are mentioned. Riders can make or break their season with good results here. We caught up with Charly Tri after an astonishing win in another spring classic.
Velonews: Charly, how do you feel?
Charly Tri: I am tired. I have been riding a lot.

VN: So I am guessing this win was a shock.
CT: Oh yeah. I was actually not planning on racing much less doing well, but a teammate encoraged me. I couldn't be happier with the result.
VN: Tell us a little about you latest victory.
CT: Well, it was the first group road ride I went on this year. There was about a group of 8 that had been shrunk to 7 by the finish; the world famous Salem Corners Town Sign. Two riders started to ramp the speed early and I just wanted to test my legs. I launched with a long distance left to the line. I accomplished my goal of surprise and got a gap. I was able to hold that gap despite a hard charge for the riders behind. I had good sensations for the finish.
VN: You say this without mentioning your unusual ride.
CT: Yeah, I was rolling the big wheels.
VN: The big wheels?
CT: I was rocking out one of my Gary Fisher 29'ers.
VN: That seems unusual for a road ride.
CT: Well, we have been doing a lot of testing. It seems that 29'er's ability to crush it is not limited to the dirt. That, combined with a studded front tire gave me loads of confidence for the sprint.
VN: A studded front tire?
CT: Yeah Darryl, you got a problem with your hearing? There are big lugs on there to chop up the air. My goal is to make as much "dirty air" behind me so that others have a hard time drafting. That is why I was more upright then the others as well. It is all about creating dirty air.
VN: Wow, never heard that one. So your schedule this year is not focused on the road, and we suspect we may not see you there much of the year. Assuming a heads up sprint, how do you think you would fare against the likes of Boonen and Cavendish.
CT: Well, let's put it this way. Until they start riding a real bike, they better not race against me. Just like the guy who got second at this race. I think his name was Kuske or something.
With that Charly went back home to watch his daughter, but we were able to get a picture of his race winning ride.

Some tech highlights:
Frame: Gary Fisher Rig, but with gears. Charly kept mum on why.
Rear wheel: Lower level bontrager hub with a cheapy rim. "It was a recovered tacoed wheel", says Charly. "I am surprised it is not destroyed yet".
Front tire: Nokian Studded tire. Designed to chop up the air to make it dirty. Charly's theory is that the dirtier the air is behind him, the harder it is to draft.
Yellow No Name housing: Charly says that was a key as well. It is so cracked and corroded that he was afraid to take it out of the smallest cog for the sprint. It takes him a good 30 seconds to get it to shift in the back.




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