Friday, February 20, 2009

Saving Silverman

Have you ever seen the movie Saving Silverman? It is a metaphor for a situation in my family.

My brother here who was always a nice guy to me is portrayed by Jason Biggs.

Myself and family portrayed by his goofball friends in the movie.

The woman in his life would be Amanda Peet. The goofball friends make every attempt to befriend Amanda and get rejected. Not only that, she controls and manipulates Jason Biggs. He is not allowed to ever see his friends (in this case my family). There is ALWAYS a reason why she is mad. In real life children may never get to meet Uncle Charly, Aunt Becky, and the other 3 siblings. Their grandparents are so rarely allowed to keep in contact that they are strangers.

Just about everyone has reached out trying to make things better. I spend a lot of time talking it over with upset parents trying to make things better; made direct phone calls, e-mailed to those that can make this better.

Hopefully, his children don't grow up to do the same thing to their parents. Think about that for awhile, "Jason". If you want to talk, you know my contact info. I welcome it. Until then, I will not be quiet.

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