Monday, November 26, 2007

Ünathlons, babies, and gravel

Well my "training" officially started for next year. Having signed up for Transiowa for the second time I need to be riding strong by late April. For those that don't know, the race is held in Iowa and consists of about 330 miles of gravel riding. There is little to no outside support. I will not sleep during the 24+ hours of riding.

Also, I will be training for ünathlons. Hear me out here. I have friends that are into the Triathlon thing and they are always talking about their Ironman's and such. Well, I tried running, but the knees are not cool with it. Swimming blows. So, instead of multisport events I am focusing on single sport events. Thus the ünathlons. I believe the event I will concentrate on is cycling, but I am not sure yet. I believe this new sport will spread like wildfire.

Thanksgiving was fun, but Saturday and Sunday brought physical demands. Just under 3 hours of riding each morning with the Velorochester guys and then spending the rest of the daylight hours moving huge amounts of gravel and dirt. My body is tired, primarily the back.

One of the goals this year is to limit my trainer time. Oh, and to dominate every event I enter by astronomical margins.

Did I mention I am trying to acquire a cabin up north? I'll find out if it will happen soon, but hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails will be out the back door, literally.

Baby news!
-Saw Becky's sister's baby again this weekend

-Got to meet my brother's daughter for the first time which was really really nice.

-J No's wife (Lori) is getting huger everyday with the twins wrestling for room in her tummy. Did I mention that twins run in my family? Ok, maybe not.

-Cory "Corky" Gross and his wife Sabrina are also new parents!! They popped out a baby boy that I am excited to go see.


This is a picture of last winter. Nina going nuts for the Frisbee in fresh powder.

Snow is coming.

Yeah, I know it is hard after the holiday, but you should get to work.

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Anonymous said...

Heavier guys such as yourself often have trouble running. I'm out for transiowa. I'm game for the training. I'd leave the purple tights at home, but that's just me.


PS-You will quickly learn when your wife is preggers to never say the word "huge" when referring to a pregnant woman. ;)